Green Waste

What is defined as Green Waste?

Green waste consists of biodegradable materials like leaves, twigs, small branches, bushes, and grass resulting from gardening or landscaping. If you have a yard or trees around your home, you know what it takes to clean up throughout the year. Yard clippings, leaves, and tree branches are a rite of spring as you rake, mow, and clean the outside of your house. Depending on how much you like doing yard work, this can be viewed as a benefit or a problem. If you have acreage, disposing of green waste is not normally a problem.

If you live in a village or have limited space, there are different options for disposing of grass clippings and other green waste.

- Letting grass clippings lay on the ground can fertilize the soil and slow down grass growth.

-If you mow an overgrown yard, bag or rake the clippings and pile them on the edge of your lawn to use as free fertilizer.

- Municipalities may have green waste pick-up events or drop-off points, and private businesses may also accept green waste.

- You can rent a wood chipper to create your own mulch.

- Place unwanted wood on the curb with a "free sign".

- Christmas trees have special arrangements for disposal in most municipalities.