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Your resource for reducing, reusing & recycling waste in Northern New York.

Northern New York is home to some of the most pristine and wonderful natural wonders in the world like the Tug Hill, Thousand Islands and Adirondacks.  Every citizen of the region disposes of waste, and North Country Recycles wants to minimize the negative impact that our waste disposal habits have on our environment.  

North Country Recycles provides you with information and resources needed to reduce household waste through reduction, reuse and recycling.


  • advice on incorporating environmentally-sound practices into your daily life;
  • tips on recycling in the North Country;
  • information on reducing waste in your household and improving efficiency;
  • facts on reusing materials;
  • best practices occurring in your own back yard;
  • links to local, state and federal environmental resources, among others.

North Country Recycles is brought to you by the Development Authority of the North Country in cooperation with its partners-Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties, the City of Watertown, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  The Authority is a New York State Public Benefit Corporation that owns and operates the tri-county, regional Solid Waste Management Facility in Rodman, NY.  It is the Authority‚Äôs mission to be environmental stewards and through North Country Recycles hopes to educate and enact people of the North Country to adopt environmentally-sound practices into their own homes and lifestyles to maintain our natural wonders for future generations.


North Country Recycles TV Commercials 

North Country Recycles.org has aired commercials on local networks to promote public education and awareness of the 3R's.  If you would like to view some of the videos clips, click on the links below:

North Country Recycles.org Introductory Recycling Commercial, April 2010

North Country Recycles.org School Recycling Programs, Dec. 2010 (Ogdensburg Free Academy, Lowville Central School and Carthage Central School)

North Country Recycles.org, It's the Law. August 2011

North Country Recycles.org -General Recycling Feb 2012

North Country Recycles.org-Electronic Waste Recycling Feb 2012

North Country Recycles.org-Rechargeable Battery Recycling Feb 2012

North Country Recycles.org-Recycling Saves You Money Nov. 2012

North Country Recycles.org-Think Before You Throw August 2013

North Country Recycles.org-Your Actions Do Make A Difference-April 2014

North Country Recycles.org-Recycling is a North Country Effort-June 2015

Solid Waste Management Facility Educational Video

The Development Authority of the North Country has produced an educational video about solid waste management in our region. Click on the link below to watch a 10 minute video featuring the Authority's Solid Waste Management Facility in Rodman, NY.  If you would like a copy of this video for your classroom or any other educational purpose, please contact us at recycle@danc.org.

Solid Waste Management Facility Video (approx 10 min)-2013

Materials Management Memos

The Development Authority of the North Country has begun issuing a series of Materials Management Memos that address various issues as they relate to solid waste and recycling programs in its region. These memos are available for public review and are found by clicking on the attachments below:



3M_Issue1.pdf195.52 KB
3M_Issue2.pdf193.61 KB
3M Issue 3 .pdf428.88 KB
3M Issue 4.pdf506.78 KB

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Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour and most of them are thrown away. Now is the time to reduce, reuse and recycle!