Textiles and Clothing

Where to Donate Textiles & Clothing?

     Where to Recycle Textiles?

Each year, Americans throw away 1.4 billion pounds of reusable textiles, including clothing, footwear, and linens, equating to a loss of $200 million. The Development Authority of the North Country, in partnership with three counties, has placed textile recycling boxes at all county transfer stations, and many other organizations in the North Country have textile recycling sheds and storage available.

Did you know that 95% of used clothing, footwear, and household textiles like sheets and towels can be recycled? Even if the clothes are torn, stained, or missing buttons, they can still be recycled as long as they're dry and free of oil, grease, and odors. Clothing items can include everything from shirts and pants to handbags and backpacks, and footwear can include sandals, sneakers, boots, and slippers. Household textiles like curtains, drapes, and blankets can also be recycled.

What Happens to the Textiles? An estimated 95% of donated textiles are reused and recycled. 45% are reused as clothing 20% are recycled into fibers 30% are reused as wiping cloths.

What Can't I Donate? No rugs, carpeting, or items stained with blood or grease/oil or items that are moldy.

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 Do not put in curbside recycling