Theresa Transfer Site / Recycling
25770 NYS Route 411
Theresa, NY 13691
Phone Number:
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Town of Theresa Transfer Site Recycling Guide The recycling center is located at 25770 NYS Route 411. Its hours of operation are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Transfer Site #(315)628-4108. Only individual residents of the Town of Theresa will be allowed access to the Theresa Transfer Station. Each resident using the transfer site must have an identification sticker. Identification stickers for vehicles to obtain access to the transfer site can be obtained from the Town Office at no charge. All household garbage that is not recyclable must be deposited in tied bags, not to exceed a maximum capacity of 30 gallons per clear bag. Each bag MUST have a sticker on it. Stickers can be purchased at the Town Office or at the Transfer Site during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Stickers for trash may also be purchased at the Transfer Site during hours of operation. Stickers are $2.00 each and can be purchased in any quantity. There is NO CHARGE for items that can be recycled. All residents are asked to separate the following materials from their waste and bring them to the transfer station for recycling. NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES/JUNK MAIL/SHREDDED PAPER: Store in grocery bags or boxes (can be together). Any supplements in newspapers are fine. CARDBOARD: Corrugated cardboard must have stapes and tape removed. Break up or crush. Food & cereal boxes are to be kept separate. GLASS CONTAINERS: Rinse and remove metal caps and labels. TIN CANS: Rinse and remove labels. PLASTIC: All plastic containers must be rinsed clean with tops removed. Labels that are loose should be removed, otherwise they are okay. All milk jugs and detergent bottles are accepted. Other plastic containers with the three-arrow recycling emblem, with a number (1 – 7) in the center and letters below are acceptable. SCRAP METAL: The transfer station will accept iron, tin, aluminum, copper, brass, lead, and white goods. Of course the transfer station will accept any gold or silver. The transfer station does NOT accept construction materials, oil, paint, or green waste. As industries and markets change, the recycling center may accept or reject other materials or change methods of sorting. Please follow the attendant’s instructions when using the transfer station. Your cooperation helps reduce operating costs and maximizes our return on recyclable materials. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 Gallon garbage bag $ 2.00 **NEW – as of 2021** 55 Gallon garbage bag $ 4.00 Mattresses - $10.00 each (all sizes) Recliner $ 5.00 Box Springs - $10.00 each (all sizes) Couch $10.00 20 inch TV or smaller $10.00 21 inch TV or larger $20.00 Small tires $3.00 each Computer monitor $10.00 Car/Truck tires $5.00 each ACCEPTING AND COST OF OTHER ITEMS ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE TRANSFER SITE ATTENDENTS